CI Headquarters


Correctional Industries' (CI) headquarters are located in Tumwater WA, ten miles south of the Washington State Capitol. CI shares building space with the Department of Natural Resources on a 39-acre site known as the Washington State Light Industrial Park (SLIP).


Statewide operations are overseen by these headquarters' offices including the administration, accounting, workforce development, sustainable programs, human resources, training, sales and marketing. It is also home to the main Showroom and associated design center.

Consolidated Distribution Center

The Consolidated Distribution Center processes on average 150 orders per week which equates to approximately 7,800 orders per year. Workers process, pick, package and ship Fast Fulfillment orders and can earn Certificates of Proficiency as stock clerks and order fillers. Consolidated Distribution employs four civilian staff overseeing 12 incarcerated individuals.

Install & Warranty

Incarcerated work crews complete on average 400 installations of new furniture and re-configurations of existing product every year. They also respond to services calls with regard to warranty issues on an average of 30 to 60 per month. Workers that install work stations and repair office furniture can earn Certificates of Proficiency as assemblers and fabricators. Install and warranty employs nine civilian staff overseeing 30 incarcerated individuals.

Service Delivery Division

The Service Delivery Division (SDD) consists of warehouse operations, a transportation unit, the fast fulfillment program, furniture installation and warranty services. The transportation department employs 10 civilian truck drivers who service the Pacific Northwest with a variety of products ranging from food to furniture. Four truck drivers are dedicated to food operations, five are responsible for general deliveries, pick-ups and movement of both raw and finished products.

Warehouse and transportation support shipping and receiving of food product, finished goods, raw material, components and supplies. On average, 50 to 70 trucks are loaded and unloaded per week, which equates to approximately 3,000 per year. Workers can earn Certificates of Proficiency in general labor skills such as moving freight. Incarcerated individuals meeting specific criteria can be certified as a Forklift Operator by State certified instructors, and may also receive traffic flagger training when possible. A clerical pool supports the warehouse, transportation, install and warranty departments combined. Workers process material acquisitions, provide inventory management, and perform data entry. They can earn Certificates of Proficiency in expediting the flow of work and materials, scheduling, recording and compiling reports and other clerical skills. All staff are trained in health and safety programs. This delivery division employs 13 civilian staff, including ten truck drivers, and up to 18 incarcerated individuals depending on business needs.

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