CAD Services

If you need faded blueprints redrawn, floor plans reconfigured, or office layouts designed, Correctional Industries can create drawings and electronic files to suit your individual needs. Utilizing the latest version of AutoCAD software, CI's Computer Aided Design services provide you with a quality product, priced competitively and delivered on time.

Layout Drawings

Using computer aided design (CAD), CI can reconfigure an existing space, providing an accurate visual layout of intended surroundings. With both an overhead floor plan and 3-D view, you can see where new offices will be located, what each room will look like, and what new or additional furniture is required all before you make the initial investment.

Copy Drafting

Accurate and flexible data is essential in today's computer driven world. Let us help you convert your outdated hard copy blueprints into an electronic format that will help you organize and plan. We can also create specialized drawings to meet your additional needs, such as product design, emergency evacuation routes and layout design. All of our completed work is checked for accuracy and provided in an electronic format with a complete drawing block library. Drawings can also be plotted at various sizes to meet your hard copy needs.

Scanning & Indexing

Do you spend hours trying to track down your blueprints? Do you find a need for more than one copy of a manual? We can help by scanning these and other materials into a PDF format. Locating and sharing drawings becomes a breeze, and printing a new copy of a worn out manual is just a click away!

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