COVID-19 Response

Dear Valued Customers,

With the on-set of COVID-19, the Department of Corrections is implementing every precaution to keep our staff, custodial population, and the general public safe. In light of the uncertainty facing our communities, Correctional Industries (CI) is notifying customers of potential operating constraints, including reduced staffing and facility closure, which could affect procurement and manufacturing, installation and delivery, as well as our accounts payable and receivable functions.

CI is taking proactive measures to minimize adverse impacts, ranging from enhanced telework capabilities to seeking temporary legislative relief of procurement and end of year delivery deadlines. In every case we are applying available resources to continue providing timely products and services. While the situation evolves, we will continue to communicate with you and would appreciate understanding if your business is affected.

As you may also have similar concerns or need assistance during this time, CI encourages you to contact us to identify issues and discuss a way forward. To the extent possible, we will partner with you in working through COVID-19 and the challenges it presents to us all.

Thank you,

Sarah Sytsma,
Correctional Industries Director

The health and safety of our staff, those in our care, and the community is our top priority. For more informaton on how the Department of Corrections and Correctional Industries are responding to COVID-19, please refer to the department's COVID-19 Information page.