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Furniture Contract #05616

Correctional Industries holds State Contract #05616 for Office Systems Furniture, Ergonomic Seating, Institutional Furniture, Residential Living Furniture (dormitory), Lounge Furniture, Storage, Tables, Desk Systems, CAD Services, Classroom Furnishings, Office Accessories, Custom and Modified Furniture, and Furniture Restoration.

You can download a copy of the State Furniture Contract here: CI Furniture Contract #05616

Terms of Sale

For items found on contract #05616, listed pricing includes delivery within the state of Washington. Payment is due within thirty (30) days of receipt of invoice. Applicable prices are those in effect at the time of receipt of your order. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Credit Policy

Eligible customers may apply for credit by downloading and faxing a signed Letter of Intent to Correctional Industries at 1.360.664.9329. If you have any questions about CI's credit policy, please call 1.866.580.9933.

Purchase Order Acknowledgement

CI will acknowledge orders in writing (with the exception of Fast Fulfillment orders) within ten (10) working days after receipt of an accurate and complete order. Order is not considered received until all information provided by the customer for the product, billing, and shipping data is complete and accurate. Orders are accepted by CI per terms on the acknowledgment.

Order Cancellation & Change Orders

The customer may cancel or change orders for standard contract items without penalty within five (5) working days from purchase order receipt. After this period, CI may impose a 35% penalty of the item(s) being canceled and/or changed. If a customer cancels an order for modified or custom items, CI may impose up to a 100% penalty of the item(s) being canceled.

Quantity Discounts

CI offers a 4% discount for most orders totaling $250,000 or more. The 4% will be discounted from the field order total before sales tax. CI reserves the right to give additional discounts at their discretion. When determining eligibility and calculating quantity discounts, please do not include the following:

  • Sales Tax
  • Inside Delivery
  • Installation
  • Cell Furnishings
  • Custom Orders

General Delivery Terms

All Correctional Industries orders are acknowledged with a due date based upon the product with the longest lead time. Unless instructed otherwise, partial shipments may be delivered sooner when available. CI will make every effort to deliver your purchased products in a timely manner. Delivery schedule is determined after receipt of an accurate and complete order.  Receipt of order is the day an accurate and complete order is faxed to CI. If an order is mailed to CI, the delivery date should be calculated starting five (5) working days after an accurate and complete order is mailed. For delivery outside Washington, please contact Customer Service.


  • Fast Fulfillment Program: 7 calendar days
  • Standard Orders: 60 calendar days
  • Custom Orders: 90 calendar days
  • Orders over $100,000: 90 calendar days
  • Orders over $250,000: negotiated

Dock Delivery

CI will determine the best delivery method via its own fleet, US Mail, or common carriers. Delivery is considered to be a shipment to the dock or door of the shipping address provided. For online orders, if a delivery method is not selected and shipping fees are not calculated during the product selection process, then standard shipping charges will be billed on the customer's invoice.


Thurston County and Adjacent Counties
Standard (7:00 AM - 6:00 PM) @ 3%*
Non-standard and weekends @ 5%*


All Non-Bordering Counties of Thurston
Standard (7:00 AM - 6:00 PM) @ 6%*
Non-standard and weekends @ 8%*

Inside Delivery

CI will provide inside delivery as requested on an as-needed basis by the contract users. Inside delivery will be defined as the delivery of the item(s) to exact location requested whether it may be on the first or tenth floor, remove packaging, assembly (if necessary, however assembly may not take place at the time of delivery, in the event of numerous items to assemble), and dispose of packaging. Any orders requiring this service shall be clearly documented to so indicate.

For inside delivery, an additional charge of 8% will be charged for Thurston county and adjacent counties, or 10% for non-bordering counties of Thurston. Prior to delivery/installation, Purchaser will clear designated area for the placement / installation of CI products. Purchaser's IT staff should be onsite to remove and reinstall all IT components.


Thurston County and Adjacent Counties
Standard (7:00 AM - 6:00 PM) @ 8%*
Non-standard and weekends @ 10%*


All Non-Bordering Counties of Thurston
Standard (7:00 AM - 6:00 PM) @ 10%*
Non-standard and weekends @ 12%*

Home Door Delivery

Certain products may be eligible for home door delivery. Inside delivery and installation are not available at this time for home delivery. Shipments will be delivered via common carrier, and may use multiple delivery services. Fees for home delivery will be determined after receipt of order and will be added at the time of invoicing. Please contact customer service for estimated delivery fees. Special conditions may apply.


As a service to the customer, CI can provide delivery and installation of products identified herein. The customer shall identify their installation request in writing on original or change order. This service shall include receipt, inspection, delivery, unpacking, installation (which includes coordination through project completion, including project managers), and proper disposal of packaging. Receipt will be at CI's warehouse or at the customer's installation site, at the option of the customer and concurrence of CI. CI will handle freight claims. The following installation costs will apply. Installation charge percentages will be calculated from the product cost, after discount and before taxes. Prior to delivery/installation, Purchaser will clear designated area for the placement/installation of CI products. Purchaser's IT staff should be onsite to remove and reinstall all IT components. Electrical power connections require the work of a licensed electrician; CI installation excludes electrical power connection services.


*Installation prices for Residential Living Furniture is at a combined (inside delivery and installation) discount rate of 12% for Thurston county and adjacent counties, or 18% for all non-bordering counties of Thurston.

CI reserves the right to charge a minimum inside delivery and/or installation fee of $75.00. For more information, please contact CI's Installation Manager.


Thurston County and Adjacent Counties
Standard (7:00 AM - 6:00 PM) @ 16%*
Non-standard and weekends @ 24%*


All Non-Bordering Counties of Thurston
Standard (7:00 AM - 6:00 PM) @ 18%*
Non-standard and weekends @ 27%*

Reciept of Damaged/Incorrect Merchandise

Anytime damaged, defective, or receipt of incorrect merchandise is discovered it should be brought to the immediate attention of a Customer Service Representative at 1.800.628.4738. Concealed damage or shortages are to be reported within five (5) working days of receipt of merchandise. The purchaser should retain the carton and locate a copy of the signed freight bill to facilitate inspection. Once CI is notified of receipt of damaged or incorrect merchandise, CI shall notify customer within three (3) working days of a corrective action being taken and time frame, which is mutually agreed upon. When damage is identified at the time of delivery it should immediately be brought to the attention of the delivery driver and so noted on the receiving report.


Any standard item(s) may be returned within five (5) working days after receipt provided:

  • The item is new, and
  • The item is in unused condition
  • The item must be in the original packaging, provided CI has not disposed of it
  • The item is not modified or custom built for the customer

A restocking charge equal to 50% of the net purchase price (before taxes) will be paid by the customer when the above conditions are met. The customer will be responsible for return freight cost. However, if error was caused by CI, there will be no restocking charge.


CI warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship from the date of the delivery. The warranty provides for repair and/or replacement free of charge to the customer at CI's discretion (which includes labor, materials, freight, and travel costs associated with the repair and/or replacement). The complete warranty for each item can be obtained by contacting Customer Service at 1.800.628.4738.

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