Worksource Seminar

WorkSource Seminar

WorkSource Seminar

On October 26th, Correctional Industries (CI) Job Hunter alumni at Airway Heights Corrections Center were invited to attend an interview seminar by Mr. Jack Kaplan. Mr. Kaplan works for the Spokane WorkSource and carries a suitcase filled with qualifications. Jack has over 30 years' experience working for private sector technology companies, like Xerox. Toward the end of his career he assumed the interviewing and hiring duties for the company, a change he really enjoyed. Upon his retirement, his passion for helping people in the job interview process lead him to join WorkSource. Now he continues to teach and help both employers and job seekers in successful interview techniques.

Mr. Kaplan's presentation focused on the latest techniques for interviewing – behavioral interviewing. Behavioral interview questions require interviewee to provide examples of past behavior and performance in specific situations. For example: "Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult supervisor", "tell me about a time you used persuasion to convince others successfully", or "tell me about a time you dealt with an angry customer."

Answers to these types of questions give the interviewer a better understanding of how the applicant will perform in the workplace. In fact, research shows that behavioral interview questions are 70% effective in selecting a good fit for the job while traditional questions are only 50% effective. Behavioral interviewing is a win for both sides of the interview table.

Mr. Kaplan came well prepared with a variety of examples and specific techniques. Participants learned how to reframe poorly worded questions in a positive light to help give meaningful answers. Through the Job Hunter Series workshops and seminars like these, CI's workforce development team is providing tools for individuals to develop the confidence to successfully interview. ■