Volunteer Day At MCCCW

TRAC Expands to MCCCW

Expansion of the Trades Related Apprenticeship Coaching (TRAC) Program is underway at Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women (MCCCW). Volunteers from the PNW Regional Council of Carpenters and NW Carpenters Institute of Washington turned out for the day — Even heavy rain and chilly temperatures couldn’t slow the volunteers down. The group, led by TRAC Instructors John Brown and Steve Petermann, scaled scaffolding to secure trusses and begin framing, and set and leveled building poles.

Volunteer Day Volunteer Day Group

To assist in the expansion project, John Brown assembled a project construction crew from MCCCW. Women were selected via a formal interview process. In the weeks leading up to volunteer day, John and the crew prepared the site by leveling the ground, digging post holes, setting/leveling poles, pouring concrete, and doing all the tasks necessary to ensure volunteers had a ready worksite.

While the crew wasn’t able to participate in the volunteer day, they did join the group for 90 minutes shortly after lunch. The crew and all the volunteers gathered on the worksite (in the pouring rain) and talked openly about what it takes to be a union carpenter or other skilled trades worker. The MCCCW crew came prepared with a list of questions and conversation flowed easily within the group. They discussed everything from jobsite expectations and career opportunities to financial planning and retirement benefits.

Volunteer Day

Overall, the day was a complete success. Significant progress was made on the construction of the two pole buildings, and the MCCCW crew gained valuable knowledge about working in the trades. The next phases of the expansion project include the final completion of the buildings and official first day of MCCCW TRAC Class #1. ■