Success Story

CI Success Story

CI Success Story

Often it is the small things that make the biggest difference. Whether it's a financial investment made into a new business or simply realizing that paying a bill on time means you can keep the same cell phone number for over a year and see your credit score improve. Gordon, a former CI metal plant worker, recently shared his successes with us. The following is Gordon's story from a letter written to his CI workforce development specialist:

Gordon wrote a business model after listening to a presentation given to CI workers by a representative from the Small Business Administration. Upon release, and with the savings he earned while working at CI, Gordon and his roommate invested in lawn equipment and started their own lawn service business. The business has been successful, and Gordon and his partner now own multiple trucks and enough equipment to run 3-4 crews.

In addition to volunteering at a local mission and starting his own business, Gordon has enrolled in school and has a 4.0 GPA, is a member of honor society, and treasurer of a student government group that helps newly released individuals in accessing education. Gordon plans to earn a degree in human services and wants to open a foundation to offer clean and sober transitional housing. Gordon knows that putting in the work will pay out over time. He knows he can get good grades on his own, but instead goes to tutoring twice each week so that he can get straight A's. Gordon's hard work in school and for his business has allowed him to find housing, pay bills, and earn a good credit score. Gordon is hoping to help others by connecting them to community resources and post-prison education opportunities.

Receiving updates from individuals who have released will always bring a smile to our face and remind us that our jobs are important. ■