Food Recall Recovery Status

Food Recall Recovery Status & Product Availablity

Dear Valued CI Food Group Customer:

The City of Airway Heights has received independent confirmation its water system no longer contains fluorinated organic chemicals (PFOS and PFOA) above the Environmental Protection Agencies Lifetime Health Advisory levels and the previous health advisory has been rescinded. Accordingly, Correctional Industries (CI) is now working toward a return to normal operations.

CI is conducting additional water testing to obtain independent confirmation, ensuring there are no contaminants in our plant's water supply. Once CI receives the test results and subsequent approval by our regulatory agencies, normal food production will resume. In anticipation of favorable findings CI has developed a manufacturing schedule to achieve full product availability on the following timeline:

    Product Availability
  • June 16th, Frozen Meals, Breakfast Muffin (sandwiches), Cookies and Muffins
  • July 10th, All Items Available

The 28-day order lead time will be suspended until full manufacturing and customer order fulfillment has stabilized. CI will provide advance notice of reinstating the 28-day order lead time well in advance of implementation.

CI thanks all of our customers for their patience, support and understanding throughout this incident. Your cooperation and responsiveness has been nothing less than exceptional, and CI is truly grateful for your patronage. While CI did not cause the incident, we will continue doing everything we can to make it right. If there are additional measures CI may consider to promote full recovery and transition during the coming weeks, please advise our Customer Care team.

July 2017 Order Guides will be published on June 15, 2017, in the meantime, Customer Care is ready to accept your orders once submitted. As always, please contact the Customer Care team with any questions or assistance.


Danielle Armbruster
Washington State Correctional Industries