Fire Extinguisher Recall

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Correctional Industries (CI) recently received notice of a product recall from Kidde, a fire extinguisher manufacturer. Kidde supplies fire extinguishers to CI, which our organization has sold separately as #S-0189, or as part of a vehicle safety kit, #S-VEK-VP. The following information is provided to help you better understand the issue, CI's response, and the actions you or your organization may take to respond to the product recall.

PRODUCT ISSUE: Kidde reports their fire extinguishers can become clogged, or require excessive force to discharge, and can fail to activate during a fire emergency. In addition, it is reported the fire extinguisher nozzle can detach with enough force to pose an impact hazard.

CI ACTION: CI has temporarily discontinued all sales of its products containing a Kidde fire extinguisher pending receipt of new products from the manufacturer, or the identification of an alternative fire extinguisher supplier.

Fire Extinguisher

RECOMMENDED ACTION: CI strongly recommends you or your organization use Kidde's official recall process to replace any defective units, ensuring full recovery of all affected products from your workplace or residence. To begin a recall response, identify the 10 digit production code stamped in the lower portion of the fire extinguisher's cylinder. The production code will be required when speaking with Kidde representatives. A visual depiction of the fire extinguisher production code location is as follows:

With the fire extinguisher's production code identified, you or your organization should visit the Kidde website at for further instructions from the manufacturer, or call the toll-free Kidde Customer Contact center at 855.271.0773.

If you or your organization is unable to determine whether a Kidde fire extinguisher is affected by this recall, please contact the CI Safety Office directly at 360.725.9129. CI will assist you in making this determination.