Expanding To The Community

Expanding Into The Community

Correctional Industries (CI) is proud to announce Offender Workforce Development is expanding into the community. CI has hired two Community Employment Specialists (CES) who will help CI offenders transition to the outside workforce. CI offenders obtain many of the technical and soft skills employers look for and the CES will help offenders releasing in Thurston, Pierce, and King County find employment.

CI offenders releasing to one of these counties can submit an application to their local CI Offender Workforce Development Specialist (OWDS). Once accepted, the offender will work with both their local OWDS and CES to preparation for employment. After release to the community, the CES will begin working with the participant to provide continuous support for up to one year.

The expansion of offender workforce development services provides benefit many stakeholders. Employers will have access to skilled workers and released men and women will have access to support and job recruitment opportunities. Beyond the benefits to employers and released offenders, the Department of Corrections and CI will have the ability to track post-release employment success.

For more information on CI's commitment to reentry, please visit our Reentry pages.