A Sticky Situation

A Sticky Situation

Ticket Book

Recently, Correctional Industries (CI) started to produce tickets for local police departments. Ticket books are issued in three different ticket citations: Criminal Citations, Infractions, and Parking Tickets. Criminal Citations and Infractions books are mandated to provide specific information per the Administrator of the Courts making them an ideal product match for the Monroe Correctional Complex (MCC) print shop.

Print Shop

Standard forms are exactly the type of product the MCC print shop looks to produce, however the ticket books were more than just a single form. The new tickets allow for a copy to be provided to the violator and several other copies, which stay intact, to be distributed through the local police department. This type of form presented a challenge because the MCC print shop does not have a web press (a type of printing press that prints on continuous rolls of paper) and roll-fed collator (a unit offering gluing on multiple forms along multiple perforations).

Letter of Appreciation

Always up for a challenge, Correctional Industries Specialist Omar Castillo came up with a creative solution to solve the problem. Omar requested assistance from the shop’s bindery to drill holes between the two perforations and apply an adhesive down the holes to bind the sheets together. After a little trial and error, the solution has worked on books for 14 different police departments.

Correctional Industries’ outstanding customer service earned us a letter of appreciation from the Chief of Police on behalf of the Medina Police Department. They were very appreciative of the services provided to their department and especially thankful to Brand Manager Kevin McMicheal. At a Law Enforcement Records Managers Network meeting last May, Kevin gave a presentation and the members were pleasantly surprised to learn of the many services CI has to offer.