Developing Soft Skills

Soft Skills Training

As a business, Correctional Industries (CI) instills and promotes positive work ethics. While offenders working for CI are gaining real work experience, they may still lack the interpersonal skills required to make the correct decision when faced with even basic workplace issues. To enhance "soft" skills, CI offers a special 20-hour class called "Makin It Work". The class is designed to help men and women understand what employers are looking for and develop the necessary cognitive and behavioral thinking that will help ensure a successful re-entry into the workforce.

Role Models in the Workplace
Role Models in the Workplace

Correctional Industries staff are not only supervisors, but role models that offenders can learn from through observation. As part of our soft skills program, CI staff are trained in Cognitive Coaching. Training explores four self-defeating cognitive-behavioral patterns common to offenders and some of the strategies staff can use to effectively counteract them. CI staff are able to reach a large number of offenders at locations throughout the state, providing offenders the confidence to be successful on the job and in their day-to-day lives. Once an offender is released, CI partners with work release facilities and WorkSource to help assist with a successful re-entry into the workforce.

Soft Skills Video