About CI

Our Core Values

Correctional Industries (CI) is a unique blend of business and government, using private industry tools and techniques to provide a public service. Operations within the state correctional facilities are supported by sales to state agencies, county and local governments, and not-for-profit organizations. Thousands of inmates gain work experience and training as they produce high quality, competitively priced products, which translates into enormous benefits for taxpayers, the inmates who work and learn in CI, and for you, our customers.

You can become part of this positive process by purchasing from Correctional Industries and provide inmates with a chance to change their lives forever. Contact customer service or find your Account Executive to get started.

Mission Statement

Correctional Industries is committed to maintain and expand work training programs which develop marketable job skills, instill and promote positive work ethics, and reduce the tax burden of corrections.

Vision Statement

Transform lives and increase successful reentry through training and mentoring.

Classes of Operation

Correctional Industries is a division of the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC), and operates businesses within Prisons throughout Washington. The CI program is divided into the following classes of operation:

  • Class I - Private Sector Partnership: Class I industries allow private sector companies to operate within state correctional facilities. The company provides management, on-site supervision, on-the-job training, and all machinery and equipment. Private industry staff interview and hire inmates at wages comparable to those in the community. The Department of Corrections provides industrial space, vocational training, a CI representative to coordinate the program, and custody supervision according to the needs of the institution and the employer. Learn more on becoming a Class I Partner.
  • Class II - Tax Reduction Industries: Class II industries are businesses owned and operated by the state, producing goods and services for tax-supported and non-profit organizations. The programs provide job training and work experience for inmates. Class II manufacturing and service operations generate funds from the sale of their goods and services to support their activities.
  • Class III - Institutional Support Industries: Class III operations are directed by the Prisons Division personnel at each institution. Inmates who work in Institutional Support Industries may be assigned jobs in food service, grounds keeping, laundry, maintenance, or as office clerks.
  • Class IV - Community Work Industries: Community Work Industries are supervised by DOC's personnel. The Class IV program is designed to provide services to institutions' host communities at a reduced cost. Public and non-profit agencies may hire Class IV workers. The CI Board of Directors sets policy for these Class IV inmate work crews.
  • Class V - Community Restitution Programs: The Community Restitution Program arose from the Sentencing Reform Act of 1981 to allow for alternatives to confinement for nonviolent inmates. The purpose of this class of industries is to enable an inmate, placed on community supervision, to work off all or part of a community restitution order as ordered by the sentencing court.

DOC Leadership

Dr. Jody Becker-Green

DOC Secretary

The Secretary of DOC is a Cabinet–level position appointed by the Governor to administer state adult correction facilities, CI and community supervision programs. Mr. Sinclair began his DOC career 28 years ago as a correctional officer and progressively gained greater responsibilities as investigator, sergeant, associate superintendent, superintendent, and deputy director.

Danielle Armbruster

DOC Assistant Secretary
Correctional Industries

The Assistant Secretary oversees CI work programs ensuring compliance with statutory mandates, and maintains legislative, executive and advisory board relations. Ms. Armbruster has held many positions during her nearly 20 year career with CI, serving most recently as the Assistant Director of the Administrative Services Division.

Enabling Legislation

Correctional Industries offers eligible customers quick and easy access to quality products and services through various authorities provided under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW).